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2012 Benicewicz Group The Experience

As a member of the Benicewicz Group, most of your waking hours will be spent working, studying, and socializing with members of the group. But that’s just the beginning.

This experience will define who you are.

When it comes down to it, we just love making new molecules.  Each morning, we arrive at the lab with the goal of adding to the more than 25 million organic molecules already in existence, attempting to once again out-invent ourselves. Our research is concentrated in two primary areas:

  1. Polymer Nanocomposites
  2. Fuel Cell Membranes

When you create a molecule that is not in the literature and make polymers out of it, you get attached to it – it becomes yours.

Members will not only develop as polymer synthetic and organic chemists during their time in the group, they will also learn to address the potential applications of their research.  Our Group has proven success in working closely with companies from BASF to Dupont to bring our research to the market. This depth of experience has led many Benicewicz alumni to some of the most prestigious companies and universities across the globe.

Our Dynamic

At the Benicewicz Group, we believe that group cohesion is essential to our success.  We are passionate our two major lines of study -- polymer nanocomposites and fuel cell membranes.  As with any group, our team relationships have a major impact on our work. We encourage you to learn more about us before making your decision:

Many students leave the Group having already achieved success in their field.

Application Process

The first step in joining any group is filling out the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Preliminary Graduate Application Form. This process usually begins during the fall, when students begin thinking about both the University and the Research Group they would like to join.  Applications are accepted at any time, though your chances of acceptance for the fall semester increase if your application is submitted by the end of January.

The Department will base their recommendation on your preliminary application, 2-3 letters of recommendation, GRE scores, unofficial transcripts, and TOEFL scores (international applicants).  These requirements are outlined in greater detail on the Department of Chemistry website.

If the Chemistry Department recommends admission, the next step is to apply to the Graduate School.  The Department of Chemistry will deliver the information you submitted during the preliminary application process to the Graduate School.  The graduate admissions committee will generally inform you of their decision via both email and regular mail by April 15.

Once you are accepted to the Graduate School and begin graduate studies at USC, you will go through an extensive process that will help you determine your area of study. This process lasts approximately six weeks and includes individual interviews with faculty and a series of seminars that allow you to hear overviews from all faculty members. At this point, you will become a member of the research group that will shape your academic experience and set the foundation for your career.

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