October 21, 2015

Professor Brian Benicewicz Receives Prestigious Award

Professor Benicewicz will receive the 2016 Award for Cooperative Research in Polymer Science and Engineering from the American Chemical Society Division of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering (PMSE).  This award comes with a dedicated award symposium to be held during the Spring 2016 ACS Meeting, March 2016 at San Diego, California at the PMSE Awards Reception.

The award is given to recognize and encourage sustained cooperative research between industrial and academic or industrial and national laboratory scientists and also recognizes Benicewicz's long-time collaborator and co-awardee, Gordon Calundann from BASF.  The cooperative research must be of significant importance to polymer science and technology and was given for Benicewicz and Calundann's development of the high temperature PBI membrane used in fuel cells and related electrochemical devices.

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