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The Benicewicz Group is profoundly changing the mechanical properties of nanoparticles to create innovative materials with practical applications.

Nanoparticle Self-Assembly

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Dr. Benicewicz receives Carolina Trustees Professorship Award

Dr. Benicewicz was recently honored with his selection to receive the 2019 Carolina Trustees Professorship Award. The University’s Board of Trustees presents this distinguished award annually to a tenured, full professor who along with a record of teaching excellence, demonstrates outstanding performance in research, public service and outreach activities. Congratulations Dr. Benicewicz!

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The Benicewicz Group is creating polymers with enhanced capabilities and investigating new polymers for high temperature fuel cell membranes. Learn more


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The Benicewicz Group’s new state-of-the-art facility is located in the new Horizon I building at the University of South Carolina’s Innovista Research Complex. See more


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Members of The Benicewicz Group are driven to achieve new heights in fuel cell and polymer nanocomposite research. Meet the Group